MSX Konami’s Road Fighter Remake


MSX Konami’s Road Fighter Remake

>Now available MSX Road Fighter Remake , original videogame by Konami :

This is the unofficial remake of Konami’s ROAD FIGHTER which was originally
released in 1985 for the MSX home computer systems.
Making sure that Konami won’t sue us, we are telling you that we are not
related to Konami in any way except for liking their excellent games.
Also, this is a not-for-profit remake. So, we don’t get any money from remaking
this or any other Konami titles.


Programming: Santi Ontañón
Graphics: Miikka Poikela
Music/SFX: Jorrith Schaap
Beta Testing: Jason Eames, Miika Poikela, Jorrith Schaap, Santi Ontañón



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