mucsu conv


Create your C64 image using any paint package using the pepto palette.

Ensure image has the dimensions of 272×160 and open the image using the converter.
Turn off dithering in the converter to ‘untouched’
Click on convert. Save C64 EXE or c64 datafiles.
Turning on Perceptual conversion gives slightly better image quality

This converter should only be used if the c64 image contains many colors in close proximity. In most cases, using NUFLI is an advantage (due to 320×200 screen). However images with many color changes will only look optimum in the MUCSU-FLI mode

Basic specs

272×160 Hires FLI Per line
underlaid x Expanded Multicolor Sprite Overlay (240×160)
hence the two strips on the left and right of the image are plain FLI

Only basic dithering modes are included in the converter. I would recommend using timanthes to dither the image using color dithering and then importing it into the converter to maximize the potential of the converter



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