>A short story told in the form of a classic point and click adventure, creating an experience that prides itself on environmental storytelling and confident, cinematic flair.

Heavily inspired by the works of Masamune Shirow, Katsuhiro Otomo, Neal Stephenson, and other cyberpunk greats, Murder aims to be a fresh, but familiar take on the setting.


From the designer and artists behind Stranded comes a short story about the intersection of morality and sentience, in a future where both are commodities.

Follow the actions of Lieutenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, on what quickly turns out to be a very unusual, very dangerous case.

Wake Up and Face The Nightmare


Equally inspired by the works of Fullbright and Blendo Games, Murder aims to bring engaging environmental storytelling and confident cinematic flair
to the classic point & click form.


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