Nebulus Remake

Nebulus Remake

Nebulus is a video game created by John M. Phillips and published by Hewson Consultants in the late 1980s for various home computer systems. International releases and ports were known by various other names, including Castelian, Kyorochan Land (キョロちゃんランド Kyorochan Rando?), Subline and Tower Toppler.

The game’s original 8-bit release came to some critical acclaim, in particular the Commodore 64 release, which garnered a Gold Medal award from UK magazine Zzap!64.

Nebulus was followed by a lesser-known sequel, Nebulus 2, on the Amiga and Atari ST in the 1990s.

>Reimplementation of the 1988 game Nebulus.

In the game you have to climb a tower with strange inhabitants that try to push you down.

Your only defense is a ball you can throw and your skills in avoiding them.



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