Megazone 23

<Released in straight-to-video in 1985, Megazone 23 is a sci-fi action thriller almost as heady with ambitious ideas as The Matrix – and, perhaps coincidentally, the two share a number of similar plot points.
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Dragon’s Delusion

Dragon’s Delusion, an anime tale of emperors and cyborgs set in 1960s Hong Kong, looks very promising. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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Ruins of High Civilization

A group of mates went in a full adventure in Baikonur, Ex Soviet union, and entered in an abandoned Cosmodrome… Ruins of high civilization.

The pictures that they were able to take over there are absolutely stunning and out of ordinary things. Nostalgic people of the cold era time will love it !

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After Reality Matrix 1 the journey to bring Virtual Reality up to an enhanced superior level that meets a mirrored level of reality comes with this new chapter:

Source.Bleeping Computer: Nvidia Develops AI That Reconstructs Corrupted Images

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