<In the Cold War, Able Archer 83 was the code name for a command post exercise carried out in November 1983 by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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“There was a big length problem with Warner Bros,” said screenwriter Diane Johnson in an interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s James Hibberd. “The film was too long and people said it had to be shortened.”

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In “Ex Machina,” Garland’s builds a futuristic glass ball about human questions, creating a  female cyborg called Ava, retrieved from both names Adam and Eve.

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Ghost Dog The Way of the Samurai

ghostdog-web_med znak

>Ghost Dog The Way of  The Samurai (1999) by Jim Jarmush may be considered the best interpretation by Forest Whitaker in his long cinema career.

Forest Whitaker stars as the lone wolf “Ghost Dog”, a hitman in the employ of a mob, who follows the ancient code of the samurai as outlined in the book of Yamamoto Tsunetomo‘s recorded sayings, Hagakure.

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