NibiruX and Seal 243


NibiruX and Seal 243

Zecharia Sitchin (born 1922) is an author of books promoting
the ancient astronaut theory for human origins.
He attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Annunaki (or Nephilim)
from a hypothetical planet named Nibiru in the solar system.
He asserts that Sumerian mythology reflects this view,
though his speculations are largely ignored by mainstream scientists and historians
who see many problems with both his translations and understanding of physics.

N(xs)ote :
Well, we don’t think that Nibiru is going to collide with Earth in 3600 years  ,
that would be pretty impossible ,
of course it could exist as the “Gods from the Sky” , Aliens , Anunnaki , would exist as well ,
most likely the story did not go as Sitchin tells but any expert can agree
about the ancient stories told in the Bible or other religion’s texts that speak of Giants  ,
Angels from the Sky , Fireballs , Lights and beautiful Colors , Designs on caverns ,
cylinders , etc .
Something that any ancient culture share alike with each other ,
a constant that at the end makes sharp and clear
that History books must be rewritten,even the holy religion books should be revisited with a different approach ,using what we named above as the “constant”  .


Cylinder Seal VA 243

– That is the Sun and the 12 planets and dwarf planets in the Solar System .

The Real Planet X

The Anunnaki

The Anunna



The Biblical verses dealing with the fashioning of The Adam are condensed renderings of much more detailed Sumerian and Akkadian texts, found etched on clay tablets, in which the role of the Elohim in Genesis is performed by the Anunnaki “Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came.”  Inscribed in Cuneiform, the worlds first written language, these Sumerian tablets and cylinder seals have been available since the 1800’s and are currently dispersed among many museums worldwide.

In his Earth Chronicles series, Zacharia Sitchin, an expert in ancient Semitic and Hebrew languages, offers the premise that mythology is the repository of ancient memory, the Bible is a historic and scientific document, and ancient civilizations were the product of knowledge given to the people by the Anunnaki.  In Sitchin’s words, “The Anunnaki came to Earth some 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru, a member of our own solar system whose great orbit brings it to our part of the heavens once every 3,600 years. They came here in need of gold, with which to protect their dwindling atmosphere. Exhausted and in need of help in mining the gold, their chief scientist Enki suggested that they use their genetic knowledge to create the needed Primitive Workers…. to upgrade genetically the existing hominids, who were already on Earth through Evolution, by adding some of the genes of the more advanced Anunnaki.”


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