>Nightmare is a Platform and at same time RPG game. It´s a NOT linear game and it got an open and explorable world. Progressively, you will obtain some items and abilities which will make easier the way, like a sword, bow or double jump.


The scenarios are actually big and huge .There are places like a forest, a cave, a deep lake, a castle and a swamp.

The engine is simple, but it permits you to swim under water or climb stairs.

This game must be played as a survival and darkness experience because you will feel alone in a dangerous world…

It got over 2 or 3 hours of game playing and be advised: level after level you will discover how much hard and complex this game is .


Some help you will need:

*Touch yellow circles to save

*Heal yourself in the Church

*And the First steps, search the sword!!! It´s a a bit hard, but you can find it! Go to east of the house beyond the forest.

Download v1.0…z8aeqiw4qiszy8b

Nightmare 2.0 updated, download link:…hjrbcbx6jahvgin

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