Nói Albínói 2003


Nói Albínói 2003

From a Dagus Kari’s interview :

Q: What’s the origin of NÓI ?
A: The character of NÓI has been living inside me for many years. He is even older than my interest in films, and at some point I considered making cartoons or comics with that character. Throughout the years I have collected all kinds of ideas related to him, and by the time I graduated from film school these ideas were ripe to be incorporated into a script.

Q: What about the location of the film?
A: The film was not supposed to take place in an isolated village. I was thinking more about Reykjavik. But finally I thought that the Icelandic capital was too connected to reality. I wanted to create a universe that did not really exist, but could. To me the West Fjords were most interesting because of the eerie atmosphere and beautiful, extremely visual scenery. Of course we were very dependent on snow and that was the area that was most likely to have snow. During winter it can be completely cut off from the rest of the world due to extreme weather.

From the Vanished Official Site
which we brought back to life in part :
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