>North and South also known as Les Tuniques Blues (By Cauvin & Lambil)
is a now a powerful remake for PC and other platforms by Microids .
We played it and really enjoyed it as back in time at 90s for Amiga .
Only weak point could be the control on mouse for attack scenes ,
but it’s only a matter of time to manage it as it should be ,
although Microids added some more feature that enriched the game and
didn’t steal something to original .

North and South Remake

North & South is an offshoot of the Belgian comic series Les Tuniques Bleues (by Raoul Cauvin and Louis Salverius/Willy Lambillotte, from Dupuis) which is based on the American Civil War. The player basically acts out the Civil War, choosing to play as either the North or the South. The player may choose to start the game year from 1861 (the year the Civil War erupted) to 1864. Each year has a different array of armies and states that each side starts with.

North & South contains a lot of humorous elements. For example, it features parodies of national anthems, which are accessible when the player selects one of the different languages supported by the game: (English, French, Spanish, German or Italian). In addition, the game is filled with numerous comical situations and gags.

>Get more info and grab North and South Remake at MICROIDS WEBSITE

North and South Remake



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