>Never think to know all C64 games. Today I found out this diamond in the roof!

The game has been released also for Atari 400/800 , Apple II, Applesoft Basic, 16K beyond Basic, PET 2001, TRS-80 Level II [16K Memory required]

Nukewar is a semi-serious simulation of the choices facing the leaders of two nations as they attempt to provide strategic defenses for their countries in the nuclear age.

The key assumption in this simulation is that strategic nuclear war will occur as the arms race cause continued stockpiling of nuclear weapons.


Basically you start with the map 8 x 8 grid points representing the two countries that are facing each other.

On the Display :

C – City

M – Missile Base

B – Fighter Bomber Base

S – Submarine Missile Base

A – ABM (antiballistic Missile Base)

Computer will ask the name of your country then it will generate 8 cities and 2 bases for any country. The game enters in the first Cold war turn : a random year from 1956 to 1965.

The computer will ask for COLD WAR ORDERS :

– S – Spy

– W – War

– N – Normal

After , the Computer will ask for BUILDING WHAT BASE TYPE :

– M – Missile Base

– B – Fighter Bomber Base

– S – Submarine Base

– A – ABM

The Nuclear War will start eventually if started by the computer itself or by the player moving so to HOT WAR contest.

The remaining is much intuitive for any kind of user and at last not least remember that is up to you to accept negotiations – Y – or to deny them – N – .

>Nukewar Manual[PDF]


>Lemon 64 Entry

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