>Octapolis a true diamond in the C64 Roof : a mix of a Shoot´em-up game and a Platformer.

After you have started the game, you will be reminded of Sanxion by Thalamus. You will find yourself transformed inside a little spacecraft, flying over a space-town. Like Sanxion, the screen is split into two halves: one part shows your craft at bird-view, on the other part you can see the scenery from the side view. Your task is to shoot down the star ships of the attacking enemies, until you hear a spacy noise, that informs you, that you are able to land in the space city. You are landing by pushing the Joystick down over the air-strip.


Now you are entering the platform, jump-and-run part of the game. The little green astronaut with the space-suit is…you. The walkway outside the room with the exit sign is… your aim. The big monsters, looking like the clone brothers of Ghost n Goblins demons and some big orc, are… your enemies. Your mission is to get from the left side of the room to the right side, without touching the monsters and the mines (you can blow them away with your laser-gun) and last not least to not falling down into gaps placed in any floor.


The graphical design of these rooms are simply fantastic. You have a lot of colorful, well animated features in and on the walls, like moving color bars, skulls and some geometrical or fantasy items. Also there are a lot of well drawn space-creatures that occupy the single platforms and won´t let you pass without a skilful jump or a fast run. After you have managed to walk through 5 rooms, you have cleared one district of Octapolis. And as the name says, there are eight of them. So fight your way from part to part of this city by cleaning the air from the alien attack waves first. Followed by walking through the 5 rooms of each district. After finishing the last part of Octapolis, you are a real Mega-Hero!





1987, English Software
Wally Beben
Jukka Tapanimäki
Jukka Tapanimäki
Arcade – Miscellaneous
Clone Of:
Primary Control:
Joystick Port 2
1 – 2


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