Olivetti M20 Cruise Guidance


Olivetti M20 Cruise Guidance

>The Olivetti M20 was a personal computer dedicated to business and scientific areas. It was produced by the Italian company Olivetti between 1982 and 1985. Among its peculiarities there was the choice of the CPU, the Zilog Z8001, and the operating system, called PCOS, which was developed by Olivetti especially for this machine.
Olivetti has always been extremely attentive to the design of its products; the M20 was not an exception and it was drawn by the pen of Ettore Sottsass.

Zilog Z8001
Clock :
128kB extended to 512kB
8kB with bootloader and I/O options
O.S. :
PCOS, CP/M8000, MS-DOS ( APB 8086 adapter )
Display :
Black and White , Color
Resolution :
512×256 pixel
Text Grid :
80×25 or 64×16 characters
Floppy Drive  :
160kB-320kB-640kB and 5″1/4
Hard Disk:
11.5MB Winchester (optional)
Interfaces : RS232 e Parallel (Centronics)
Optional Interfaces
 RS232 and IEEE488


>Olivetti M20 mounts same cpu as that of a cruise missile .


Curiosity :

Jack Tramiel , Commodore Founder , declared that he got inspired by Olivetti Machines when he began to develop the commodore business machines .

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