onEscapee Reloaded

onEscapee (Pronounced One Escapee, to reflect the nature of the protagonist) is an action/adventure video game, released for the Commodore Amiga 1200 in 1997.

onEscapee is a graphic action-adventure very much in the Flashback
mould with a gameplay similar to Another World.

onEscapee has a distinct cyberspace air to it.
The main character is on the run from powerful alien beings on an alien planet,
having been transported there for a reason that no-one knows at the beginning.

onEscapee Reloaded


onEscapee was developed by Invictus Games, Ltd. and published by the UK-Based (and now defunct) Sadeness Software. It was distributed in a CD format, which was unusual for the period since the Amiga 1200 was not fitted with a CD drive. Therefore, the users were required to purchase an additional external CD-ROM drive (or re-house the computer to fit an internal drive) in order to run software from discs. Since Invictus is a Hungarian team, to make the game as international as possible, text and speech was kept to a minimum. As a result, the game has support for over 17 languages. The only language featured in the game is in the music used in the titles and in one scene of the game, the menus, help text and the opening FMV sequence.

Invictus re-release the software in 2004 as freeware for the PC to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding.

The title “onEscapee” hard to understand for the first sight:
it is a compound of two words: “one” and “escapee”.
The one is supposed to emphasize the ‘one man against the world” theme,
and the hero is an escapee from alien kidnappers.


Since onEscapee has been released on the Amiga, it’s received a number of awards,
such as “Game of the Year” including Amiga Flame’s,
or the CU Superstar award from the word biggest selling Amiga mag!




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