>An 8-Bit style arcade random dungeon crawl. My first completed game developed with AMOS Pro, Deluxe Paint, Pro Tracker. Music by TobbX, additional graphics by cesarloose and Nintendo.

>Title Screen: Move joystick up and down to choose between 1 Player,
2 Player, Display Highscore and Quit.

>In game: Joystick to move, fire to attack, fire + direction to throw a
fireball, stand still facing projectiles to bounce them away with your shield.

Suggested Win UAE Settings:

CPU & FPU Settings:

CPU: 68040, MMU
FPU: None
CPU Emulation Speed: Approximate A500/A1200 or Cycle Exact
Cycle Exact CPU Emulation Speed: CPU Frequency – Custom, 25Mhz

Chipset Settings:

Chipset: AGA, Cycle Exact (Full), Cycle Exact (DMA, Memory Accesses),
Chipset Extra – A4000
Collision Level:: Full

Advanced Chipset Settings:

Compatible Settings

ROM Settings:

Main ROM file: Kick 3.1

RAM Settings:

Chip: 8MB



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