Outlander Mad Max

Outlander for Sega Genesis and SNES is just Mad Max 1 and 2 Road Warrior game.
We review this game after that previously we reviewed Mad Max for NES.


“You start out driving your black interceptor and have to get to the nearest town. While driving between towns you run bikers off the road, if you pull along side one it will show a little picture of your window where your sawed-off shotgun yielding leather gloved hand will let you shoot him before he, a guy with a mow-hawk who looks a lot like Wez, shoots you with his cross bow that’s on his wrist. Other bikers have helmets and look like the ones in the Toecutters gang. If you go off the road or hit too much stuff it will show a pic of a guy who looks a lot like Mel Gibson in a frightened look, then a pic of a black wrecked car upside down with an arm hanging out the window, looks like the same shot from Road Warrior, pretty close anyways.”


“The drivers seat is on the right inside the car. Unlike the movies, your car has 2 guns on the front which you can’t see but use to kill bikers. If you get a long ways in the game you can get a blower EXACTLY like Max’s that you see through the front window. You also have NOS in the game. The bad part about the game when you start out, you drive killing bikers for about five minutes before getting to the town where at the town you walk for about four seconds and get either chained, or bombed by a guy on a fast moving motorcycle that comes out of no where.”

“If you duck to avoid the chain then a second motorcycle comes by and drops a bomb that kills you, having to start at the very beginning again, you do have your shotgun to kill the guy but he goes too fast to shoot him in time right off the bat, it takes a lot of driving time to get that timing down. There are 28 towns to go through. I only got to the first one, not actually owning a sega myself, and not having enough time to master that timing. I did not see any outside pictures of the Interceptor. I hope you had fun reading all that about the game that almost was… Mad Max “

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