>A true diamond in the roof for legendary Amiga500 Video games on 2D fighting genre..

Panza Kick Boxing is a 1990 video game by Loriciel, developed by Futura, ported to Amiga 500, Atari ST, and MS/DOS.

Kick Boxing is a fighting sport where the fighter use both foot and fist. Thai Boxing, French Boxing and Full Contact are three other sports belonging to this same family. Actually, great champions like Andre Panza are most of the time familiar with those different boxing categories. Kick Boxing is a quite recent sport.  Its main characteristic is the high efficiency of its technics and the knock out is usually the fatal issue of the fight.

The 'ADVANCED' chapter shows you the difference between Kick Boxing and the other fighting sports.  You will have the possibility of playing according to the rules of French Boxing, Full Contact (in PANZA KICK BOXING), and even English Boxing, this is only by selecting some fist technics.

You do not become Kick Boxing world triple champion and French Boxing Europe double champion just because of good luck. University graduate in Judo and English Boxing, Andre Panza is International Coach and Technical Manager of a league in Kick Boxing.  He also won the Golden Katanas in 1989 and 1990. A high style fighter as well as a devastating puncher, he is good at everything and often has to fight in different categories in order to find opponents who do accept to challenge him. What more is there to say about this great champion except that the school he manages, LA PANZA GYMNOTHEQUE, gives to France and Europe an impressive number of new champions, because he knows how to train them.


You have 2 ways of moving in a menu.
A - Use the joystick + the fire button to validate your choice.
B - Use the keyboard (the keys of the numeric keypad) + the RETURN key or the
    space bar to validate your choice.

During a fight, the joystick allows you to hit 13 different blows and to move
in different directions: forward, backwards, turn around and parry position.
You just have to move the joystick in the corresponding position.


Hint: Stay undefeated:
 Press [Esc] after your fighter has been knocked down to avoid a loss.

Hint: Recommended moves:
Try using the upper cut, round house, low leg kick often. The low leg kick can be used to keep your opponent out of range and on target for a follow-up combo, such as the round house followed by an upper cut. The double backfist is very powerful and can result in a knockout.

Hint: Recommended settings:
Use the following settings to create a powerful boxer:

A: 34
B: 05
C: 17
D: 11
E: 08
F: 32
G: 04
H: 33
I: 01
J: 55
K: 10
L: 25
M: 16

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