<UPDATE:Parallel Worlds Amiga Ver 1.0 Released

Indie developer Amiten Software is born in 2010 released finally Parallel worlds for Commodore Amiga.

Amiten Software since 2017 got a 2nd place in the contest Amigamejam with its last starfighter title and announcing its next first commercial game for Amiga in 2017: The Dream of Rowan, also this is not everything as more titles of the indie developer team will see the light ever in same year.


>Guide Marco the dwarf and her friend Elena the elf through the Kingdom of Cassiopeia in a parallel world to rescue the Wizard Fenix ​​from the clutches of his evil brother Peter the green and so to get rid of the evil kingdom…

Parallel Worlds is an action arcade game inspired in classical Old Arcade Games like Ghost’n’GoblinsTiger Road,or RygarBut in a Mixed way of all of these Great old Glories Full of myths from Medieval knights, wizards and fairies.

The graphic style is raw, made pixel by pixel with a limited color palette, Ripped From the many Sprites collection that can be found on the internet and adapting all about mixing custom backgrounds and different objects to give life to a unique world full of spells, weapons and labyrinths in which we have to use our reflexes and devise a plan to use the keys and objects to help us on rescue Fenix ​​the magician.

The Development Continues Right, Here a Example of the Actual Demo Beta of This New Amiga Game made in Amos for our Classic Amiga Computers, still many hours of development and many details must be improved but all its taking form at this point. Thanks for Watch and please feedback are welcome.

A Game By: Amiten Software

Genre: Arcade Action
Published: On Dec 2013 (Delayed)
Dev time: Aprox 6 Months
Platform : Amiga Classic 68k
Format: HD installable
Price: Free

Minimum Requirements to Run the Game:

Amiga 1200/4000 with Accelerator Card 68030 at 50 MHz
Memory: 2MB Chip RAM / not req. Fast Ram
Floppy Disk Drive.




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