>Pharaoh a game for Amiga 500 produced by Rainbow Arts and developed by Chip..

Take control of the ancient egyptian civilization by simulating the actions of the great pharaoh.

Approximately 4000 years ago a wonderful civilization ruled by the mighty
Pharoahs, stretched itself along the banks of the great sacred river Nile. The
dynasties of the Pharoahs followed each other leaving symbols of their great
power in the forms of impressive monuments, monuments such as the colossal
pyramids which still number amoungst the seven great wonders of the world.

But one quiet evening during the Nile flood season, the prevailing Egyptian
Pharoah passed away, encircled by his relatives, after a long reign of peace
and prosperity. OSIRIS, God of the Dead, led him to his final resting place in
his great pyramid which had taken hundreds of thousand of Egyptians more than
thirty years to complete. Alas, a great rivalry was born between the Gods,
showing itself in the form of hate, jealously and discord.SETH, King of Desert
and Powerful God of Evil decided that the Egyptian throne should be in the
hands of the powerful men of Egypt. Influencial and dominant Egyptians were
ordered by SETH to kill all heirs of the last Pharoah. In return they
themselves would be given the throne.

But AMON-RE the Sun God watched over the Egyptians and save one young heir
from drowning in the deep dark waters of the Nile.He was taken to the fellahs,
workers who had made a home on the banks of the river. Here the young prince
was brought up amoung them as one of their own.

You are this young Egyptian, a man of great wit and ambition. One night OSIRIS
the God of Eternal Life and enemy of SETH appears to you in a dream. He
persuades you with silver and a merchant ship, and the task of socially
distinguishing yourself amongst the Egyptians. The money and ship which are
put at your disposal by the Gods must be used carefully and sensibly. With
them you must reach one of the Egyptian towns. There you must ascend socially
and prove to the Gods of Egypt that you are capable and worthy of the Pharoahs

Precise loading instuctions exist in the README file on disk 1. To access
these, type README.DOC and then press RETURN.

Pharoah can be played with the mouse, joystick or keyboard. You can switch
between these during the game-parts of the game can be played with the mouse,
others with the keyboard or joystick, etc. We advise the use of a joystick
during the action sequences.

Joystick: To play using the joystick, confirm by pressing the joystick fire
button. This can be done at any point in the game.

Mouse: To play using the mouse, confirm by pressing the left mouse button.This
can be done at any point in the game.

Keyboard: To play using the keyboard, confirm by pressing the spacebar.Use the
cursor keys.

For slower, more precise movements, press the left SHIFT key.

To turn the sound on and off, press the ( S ) key.
The ESC key has several different functions:

-If pressed during the title screen, the introduction will be skipped.
-The rolling and unrolling of the scrolls can be quickened.
-The entry of your ship into a port can be quickened.
-It acts as the pause button during the action sequences.
-It interupts the loading and saving sequences.

To begin the game, you must choose your name. This can be one of various
Egyptian names, like Menes, Djoser, Sneferu, Thutmose or Ramses. Aferwards you
must chooose the name of your home town.Here you will find your store to where
you can bring your goods which you will hopefully accumulate in the future.

Despite the gifts that you have recieved form the Gods,you still belong to the
lowest possible social rank. Your task is to climb the steps of the social
ladder in any way possible.

The main menu is divided into four parts.In the top, right hand quarter of the
screen you can see yourself. The clothes that you are wearing are a reflection
of your current social rank. To the left of your portrait you will find three
further menu parts. At the top is the Economic Menu, in the middle is the Play
menu and at the bottom is the Social Menu. With these menus you can influence
the course of the game by clicking on the various icons.

| Building of a ship Racing Constuct |
| Chariot |
| |
| Shipping Consultant Store |
| |
| |
| |
| Date |
| |
| |
| Load Save |
| |
| |
| |
| |

In the ECONOMIC MENU there are six different icons:
1. The building of a ship, with which you can bargain for certain goods.

2.Camel racing, on which you can bet the cargo of your ship ( See Betting on
your Ships Cargo).

3.The construction of a chariot of war, in case you lose one at war and own
enough goods.

4. The ships course and trading.

5. Conferring with a business consultant who you can employ when you have a
higher social position ( See Business and other Tricks).

6.Inspecting your stores, so that you can discover the amount of stock that
you have.

In the PLAY MENU you can see:
1. On the left side the loading symbol ( for disk or hard disk)

2. In the middle the date

3. On the right side the saving symbol

In the SOCIAL MENU there are four icons which allow you to demonstrate your
position and power or which offer you the chance to ascend socially. However,
you must use them skillfully to achieve your aim.
1. Architecture ( See -Your Construction)

2. Religion ( See- The Gods)

3. Harem ( See- The Harem)

4. War ( See- War)

On the map there are 14 Egyptian towns represented by red dots.To discover the
names of the towns, you must click on the red points-the name of the town will
then appear on the screen. Apart from these towns, 6 large settlements abroad
and the desert are depicted. To travel from town to town your merchant ship is
at your disposal.At the beginning of the game you have just one ship which has
been given to you by the Gods. This ship can be found at your home town and is
represented by a white dot. A window will appear with the following
information: Top: The name of your ship. Middle: The possible directions in
which you can sail. Bottom:The name of the town your ship is currently docked.
You can only reach other towns by sailing in the appropriate direction. When
you wish to trade your goods, click on the name of the town which appears at
the bottom of the window (-the window which appears after you have clicked on
the white dot).

You can and must expand your business and become wealthy to be successful.Sail
with your trading ship to Upper and Lower Egypt, to Tanis, Memphis, Karnak,
Luxor, Thebes or Abu Simbel. You should also try sailing to the foreign towns,
such as Byblos, Crete, Sinai, and Somalis. At these towns you should buy and
sell metals and valuable stones, building materials, slaves, horses, and food.
As soon as you have the chance, you should build more trading ships until you
have a fleet. You can then expand your business much faster.

If you are well orientated in terms of demand and supply, you will be able to
trade in every town. On the trade screen you will see the various goods with
which you can trade, displayed twice.
If you wish to buy goods, click on the (load ship) symbol. The goods displayed
above will show you what this particular town has to sell. On the dislplay
below NOT DISPLAYED! you will see the amount of each good that you currently
have. If you now click on the goods above, you will be able to adjust the
quantity that you wish to buy on the abacus in the middle of the screen. You
will see the amount of that good that you have now traded at the bottom of the
If you wish to sell goods, click on the (unload ship) symbol. Now the goods
displayed above will show you what this particular town wishes to purchase.You
can only sell goods to a town if there is a demand for that particular good
If you wish to deposit goods in your store, you must simply click on the name
of your chosen home town at the top of the menu.
It is very important to concentrate on the most profitable goods, and those
which are desired by the Gods….but, of course that is easier than it sounds.

You will soon notice that navigating your ship is not as easy as it sounds.The
Nile can be treacherous,some of your goods may be ripped from your ship by the
stormy waves. Dangerous shallows and goods floating in the water do not make
life very pleasant for you.
You will find yourself controlling the rudder of one of your merchant ships.
Using the joystick (mouse, keyboard) you must avoid the floating obstacles in
the water. Touching them will put your ship and its load in danger! If you
touch more than three obstacles in one journey, your ship is destroyed along
with its cargo!

Occasionally you will come across a band of thieves who want to steal as much
of your ships cargo as possible-it is your task to prevent them doing this.The
thieves will swim across to your ship and try to board it by climbing up the
side on one of the three ladders which hang down to the water. By carefully
watching the water and skillfully using your paddle, you must try to stop the
thieves from boarding the ship.
We recommend the use of the keyboard during this action sequence.

During your adventure you will be given the chance to bet on the camel races.
You are required to control your camel which will be competing against the
fastest Egyptian camels. The stake will be the complete load of one of your
merchant ships. You can ensure victory by skillful and fast joystick movements
to and for.

Naturally you can also choose yourself a wife from the women of the kingdom.
After selecting HAREM in the main menu, you can choose your wife by clicking
on the various faces. Your choice will prove difficult as each woman has her
advantages, for example, Anath, daughter of Sethi the fisherman, is stunning
and sensible, whereas Phonis, daughter of the Imhotep the village chief, is
intelligent.At some point you can visit the Harem where you will be introduced
to various women. You can choose between the daughters of scribes, officers,
princes and many more. But be careful- when you ask for the hand of a woman,
you will first be expected to bring specified gifts to her father, gifts that
are appropriate for her familys social rang. Only then may you marry into this

As soon as you begin the game, you are obliged to show the Gods the respect
they deserve. Honour your chosen God with a valuable gift that is fitting with
your social rank, or perhaps somewhat higher. Later on in the game you may
dedicate a temple or a building to a God.

The Gods:
AMON-RE God of the Sun
NOUT God of the Sky
SHOU God of the Wind
OSIRIS God of the Eternal Life and of the Nile
ISIS God of the Furtile Earth
SETH God of the Desert and of Evil
HATHOR God of Music and Happiness
HORUS God of the Stars
MAAT God of Justice and Truth
ANUBIS The Bearer of the Dead
THOT The Godly Scribe
PTAH God of Craft

It is possible for you to make sacrifices to the Gods. After clicking on the
RELIGION symbol, you must select your God using the screen cursor. You must
then select the sacrifice that you wish to make from a choice of three. The
priest will explain to you exactly what the Gods desire. If you have the
necessary goods in your store, these will automatically be deducted. If you do
not have the goods, you must obtain them and gather them in your store within
the given period. You must then consult the God once more in order to make the
sacrifice. If you should forget this obligation, or be unable to fulfill it,
you will be cursed by the Priest.You must then take the cleansing examination.
Only in this way are you able to regain the favour of the Gods.

The cleansing examination takes place in the big pyramids. You must discover
the placed traps. By building a path thru successive rooms you will display
your skill. This skill will be the deciding factor-will you be redeemed or
fwill your existence be threatened by the seven Egyptian plagues (drought,
locusts, famine, fire, war, shipwreckage)?

In the course of your career,you will also be able to climb the social ladder.
As soon as you have advanced from citizen to public servant within a province,
you will have new possibilities to extend your power and influence. If you
have, for example, married into a higher rank, you can now seek the advise of
a very experienced business consultant. He will recommend the right business
tricks and courses of action that you should take. You can choose your
consultant from Egyptian and foreign men (Greeks, Ethiopians, Syrians). You
can also dispose of his services if you are unhappy with his suggestions or
worried about his trustworthyness. If you do this however, you forfeit the
chance to employ him again in the future.
You should listen well to your business consultant, he will tell you about
Egyptian and foreign settlements;about supply and demand;about the markets in
Upper and Lower Egypt;about war garrisons and about the trust that you have
for him. You will be able to discuss these topics freely with him as soon as
your rank allows it.
As you move socially upwards, you will naturally have more and more
subordinates. You can then provoke attacks against powerful and rich men who
are standing in your way. You can, for example, break into the house of an
opponent and poisen the water with which their sacrifices are cared for.

Soon you will become a member of the most powerful social class in your
province. You will stand side by side with the governor of the region,perhaps
later taking over his position. The title of MASTER will then be added to your
You now have the power to build the rightful temple. During the next months or
years, you will use enormous amounts of granite, lime, wood, alabaster and
gold to build a temple to honour the protective Gods.
When the temple is complete you can either free the slaves who have worked on
the temple, or set them to work on a new construction.

Unfortunately you are unable to guarantee eternal peace.As soon as the Hyksos,
the terrible Bedouins of the desert or the tribes of the Upper Nubia multiply
their attacks on the villages on the banks of the Nile, you must intervene.
Your social rank commits you to do this. With victory comes eternal glory.
If foreign people invade the land, and you are in possession of one or two
chariots of war, you can attack without further ado. You must try to hit the
enemy from your chariot using a bow and arrows simply by clicking at the
correct moment. Be careful to avoid the arrows which fly towards you-they are
dangerous and can kill you, leaving Egypt to the hands of the foe. At the top
left of the screen you can see how many chariots of war you have left. At the
top right of the screen you can see how many enemies you have yet to hit.It is
possible for you to declare war yourself by clicking on WAR in the main menu.
You can then define the name of the people you wish to attack.

One day you will have sufficient power and property so that you will only
associate with the highest officials. Ministers, officers, scribe chiefs,
astronomers, astrologers, architects, and painters are all at your disposal.
Now is the time for you to go to the Pharoahs Court where the presiding
illegitimate rulers will try to conceal their incompetence with intrigue and
From this point on you have the right to do everything. Construct palaces,
command wars, take control,trade with help from your business consultant, make
the best sacrifices to the gods, build legendary Harems which will arouse the
jealousy of your heirs. Your enemies will fear you, your people will love you.
You reach the rank of PRINCE, the General, the mighty Priest,the bearer of the
highest tasks in the Kingdom. You belong amongst the highest people of the
Kingdom and will marry the daughter of one of these people. Your wedding will
be lavish. You will be called PRINCE and can begin building your final resting
place, your Pyramid.

When your power has reached its peak, the Gods of Egypt will call you. Your
right to the Pharoahs throne will then be tested. Only when you have passed
this test will you be named Pharoah, Son of the Sun God AMON-RE. If you fail,
you will forfeit your right to eternal life and your soul will vanish

One evening at the twilight of your life, you Pharoah take one final look at
your achievements and work. You can look back at your glorious reign, marked
with major victories of content and secure Egyptians,a reign to be eternally
praised by the Egyptian Gods. You will be led towards eternal life and will
rest in your grave, the great pyramid. From here, for centuries to follow, you
will be able to see AMON-RE the Sun God decline on the red sky and disappear
slowly behind the dunes of the desert.



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