Project Firestart is a cinematic action/adventure game for the Commodore 64 computer system. It was designed by Jeff Tunnell and Damon Slye and published by Electronic Arts in 1989. The game features strong survival horror elements and a story with multiple paths and endings.IGN has called it the first “fully formed vision of survival horror as we know it today,” citing its balance of action and adventure, limited ammunition, weak weaponry, vulnerable main character, feeling of isolation, storytelling through journals, graphic violence, open exploration, cut-scenes, multiple endings and use of dynamically triggered music—all of which were characteristic elements of later games in the survival horror genre.
Project Firestart began on February 13, 2061, aboard the research ship Prometheus.

Financed by the System Science Foundation (SSF), an agency of the United System States (USS), the project’s goal was to produce strong, durable laborers capable of helping Belters mine titanium and iridium on selected moons and asteroids.
Although the first generation genetic reshaping is extremely hazardous, it was allowed because the geneticists involved were required to follow strict safeguards guaranteeing tight control over the experiment’s end product.
But the Prometheus no longer responds. The safeguards must have been breached. If they have, Firestart is out of control. The SSF has assigned you to clean up the mess.



Project Firestart Remake

>A remake of the 1989 First Person Shooter of the same name by Electronic Arts

The year is 2066. The SSF Prometheus, a deep space research vessel currently in Mars orbit, is developing strong, durable creatures to support asteroid mining operations. But something has gone wrong.

Prometheus command is no longer responding. SI Agent Jon Hawking has been assigned to investigate and eliminate the threat.



Project firestart1
Project Firestart Remake

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