PTM ZX Spectrum

PTM is an original game for ZX Spectrum by Jonathan Cauldwell.

From its original website:
Agent 98 is one day from retirement, thus revoking his permit to murder. Who should show up in this small timeframe, none other that nemesis and major crime boss Leche Lacto.
Agent, take down Lacto’s drug and money laundering empire and enjoy your well earned retirement.
Good Luck!

This game comes as a .TAP file, usable on the ZX Spectrum 48k (or 128k) home computer. If you don’t have a ZX Spectrum, you can use an emulator like ZXSpin.

Keys for keyboard – Q,A,O,P and M to fire.
Pause – H
Quit – G
Joystick – Up jumps, Left goes left, Right goes right, Up goes up and Fire fires.

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