After Reality Matrix 1 the journey to bring Virtual Reality up to an enhanced superior level that meets a mirrored level of reality comes with this new chapter:

Source.Bleeping Computer: Nvidia Develops AI That Reconstructs Corrupted Images

Nvidia researchers have developed a new AI technology that can reconstruct holes or intentionally removed content from images.
The technique, called "image inpainting," is similar to the "content-aware autofill" feature that Adobe added to Photoshop CS5 in the late 2000s, a technology that "magically" reconstructed a deleted portion of an image based on the photo's background.
Now, Nvidia says that its image inpainting technique "could be implemented in photo editing software" and perform the same actions that Photoshop content-aware autofill can perform.
In late 2017, a team of Yandex and Oxford researchers developed a similar algorithm named Deep Image Prior.
The research team released an impressive video of their new algorithm in action, showing a human operator actively deleting portions from photos and the algorithm filling in missing pixels based on nearby content, and seamlessly blending the new content into the bigger picture.

These are not news for us.

Prior to this last invention this one was more troubling by posing the risks that Governments would use this kind of software to create fictional characters, individuals with obscure biography, and add them to scapegoats for further dark operations and false flags.

However as any software, this got some bug, for example the equality in color and light reflection and symmetry of eyes may be found suspect, same for ears and internal of mouth.

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