Red Baron Final Flight

Red Baron Final Flight

>A reconstruction of the last flight of Manfred Von Richthofen alias Der Rote Baron , with original filmed records and pictures of himself and of his relatives also fighter pilots of German Empire during WWI .

Richthofen completed a short autobiographic sketch, Der rote Kampfflieger. This was written on the instructions of the “Press and Intelligence” (i.e. propaganda) section of the Luftstreitkräfte, and was heavily censored and edited.An English translation by J. Ellis Barker was published in 1918 as The Red Battle Flyer.Although Richthofen died before a revised version could be prepared, he is on record as repudiating the book, stating that it was “too insolent” (or “arrogant”) and that he was “no longer that kind of person”.
By 1918, Richthofen had become such a legend that it was feared that his death would be a blow to the morale of the German people.Richthofen himself refused to accept a ground job after his wound, stating that the average German soldier had no choice in his duties, and he would therefore continue to fly in combat.Certainly he had become part of a cult of hero-worship, assiduously encouraged by official propaganda. German propaganda circulated various false rumors, including that the British had raised squadrons specially to hunt down Richthofen, and were offering large rewards and an automatic Victoria Cross to any Allied pilot who shot him down.Passages from his correspondence indicate he may have at least half believed some of these stories himself.
Australian soldiers and airmen examine the remnants of Richthofen’s triplane
209 Squadron Badge-the red eagle falling symbolizes the fall of the Red Baron
Australian airmen with Richthofen’s triplane, 425/17, after it was dismembered by souvenir hunters
Captain Arthur Roy Brown was officially credited by the RAF with shooting down Richthofen.

Richthofen was fatally wounded just after 11:00 am on 21 April 1918

>A great 2008 movie describes enough well its pilot’s life and combats

if you like to see its details you can read our Der Rote Baron Review page .

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