RedShift ZX Spectrum

Redshift is a shoot’em up on vertical scrolling for Zx Spectrum, remake of Galaxian III.

From its original website:

About Redshift
It adds a lot of features I would have liked to include in GIII, while remaining true to some characteristics of the original, like the use of bright colours, platforms, planets (green saturn taken from Galaxian I 1990), launch scene, boss chase, etc. The ship was redesigned, but the old ones got their corresponding cameos.

This is the presentation:

It’s Earth year 2992. Humankind is part of one of two factions battling for the control of the multiverse.
After a long time of stalemate, the enemy faction, led by the prince Kalkux, developed faster and more powerful spaceships, achieving important victories.

The human race started to lose faith in survival. Ships with artificial intelligence were not clever enough to handle new enemy ships. Remote controlling via quantum entanglement was not reliable in other universes.

On the brink of despair, humans developed a new and faster ship, the “REDSHIFT” class, with a key innovation: a human pilot would be physically present in the ship.

Your mission is to take control of Redshift to expel the enemy from key galaxies and universes.


– Designed for Spectrum 128K and compatibles.
– Music by Richard “Kulor” Armijo.
– 100% written in M/C, except BASIC routines in loaders.
– Fast paced scrolling action in a 192×192 pixels area.
– 5 levels (galaxies) x 3 loops (universes) with difficulty and enemies variations.
– 5 moving boss ships, 5 static boss structures, 10 types of sub-bosses and 25 types of regular enemy ships.
– Powerups, wingman and bombs available to the player, as well as bonus score for medals and performance.
– Introduction slides.
– Sounds configuration menu with separate volume management and pitch (lasers, explosions, etc.)
– Redefinable keys, common joysticks and Kempston mouse support.

You can see a video here:

The game can be downloaded here:

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