<Retaliate is a space shooter platform for Commodore64 with some kind of original feature and combat mode never applied before in a similar game concept.


With this initial release my main goal was to implement the basic funcitionality to reproduce (as much as possible) the original game mechanics and graphics.

The main additions/changes to the code from the book were:

  • Added a splash screen for the game
  • Added the Retaliate logo (as sprites) on the Menu
  • Added a intro screen with game story/instructions
  • Added a credits screen
  • Changed sprites of the ships to reproduce Retaliate design
  • Changed aliens movement from swinging horizontally to moving down vertically
  • Implemented ship-to-ship collision logic
  • Limited the vertical movement of the player ship
  • Implemented the shield (activated with joystick down)
  • Implemented the shield energy gauge on the bottom line
  • Implemented limited bullets for player, and added an Ammo counter on screen
  • Implemented bullet collection feature (using the energy shield)
  • Reduced to a single life for the player
  • Changed score system to: 5 points killed by shield, 10 points killed by bullet



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