Earok strikes back with Road Avenger ported for AMIGA CD32, a Laser Disc game from its original source known as “Road Blaster” or “Vehicular Homicide Hero”.

It looks nicer than the Sega CD version in HAM video (converted from a LaserDisc rip) since IIRC the Sega CD can only play back video in 16 colours.


Players assume the role of an angry cop on a wild ride as he pursues a gang of bikers who killed his wife. Players need to race through oncoming traffic, squeeze between trucks, trash motorcycles and steer through lots of explosions. The only thing needed are quick reflexes to follow the instructions on the screen (with an increasing difficulty) in order to keep the animation going.

The action is shown from a first-person view and fast-paced, while still maintaining smooth and detailed anime drawn graphics.


OCS Edition HDD
Recommended for A500 / A600 / A1000 / A2000 / A3000 with 500MB of free space on HDD and 2MB of RAM (Chip + Fast).

SCO CD / CD32 Edition
Other Standard CD32 gold A500 / A600 / A1000 / A2000 / A3000 with a CDROM to 2x speed and 2MB of RAM (Chip + Fast).

AGA HDD Edition (HAM8)
Recommended for A1200 / A4000 / CD32 improved (SX-32, TF etc.) with 600 MB of free space on HDD.

AGA Edition CD (HAM8)
Recommended for A1200 / A4000 with 4x speed CDROM. Should not work on CD32

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