Samurai Railroad Mansion


 No one told him about

the railroad

              when he purchased the mansion.

They were wrong.


                                                                 Dead wrong.


Samurai Railroad Mansion

-A Remake of West Bank or West Bang .

Bank Panic is an arcade game developed by Sanritsu and manufactured by Sega in 1984. West Bank is a clone of the game, released on several platforms.


  • Alessandro Giuriato and Gary A. Hatt share the official record for this game, with a maximum possible 9.999.999 points.
  • Fun fact: In the last stages of the games, the boy who carries the hats is seen lifting up the woman client’s skirts.
  • The Sega Master System version of this game is very different from the original. It was also released on two types of media, the standard Master System game cartridge and the Sega Card. On this game, the timer above the robbers goes up, and the robbers also can’t steal money bags. Upon completing a round, you are awarded points for up to 48 money bags, instead of 36 on the arcade. Upon reaching round 15, the game becomes nearly impossible due to the extremely short amount of time it gives you to shoot a robber, especially if the robber opens the door; a robber behind a bank customer can be timed to at least an ‘unfair’ kill. There is also no end to the game (completing round 50 just goes to 51, although it is nearly impossible to complete any rounds after 14. Via a cheat device, one can complete any round except for round 253. Round 253 has a programming bug which will cause the game to crash if the boy holding the hats appears. On this round, he will appear holding no hats, but the game will crash before you can see this. On rounds 254 and 255, the boy holds 1 and 2 hats respectively. The instruction manual is mostly copied from the arcade game, and even has a screenshot of it at the top of page 9, thus reading the instructions will leave an unknowing player wondering why their game plays differently from what they read from the book.
  • The game’s song is “Dixie’s Land“, an American civil war composition, while the song in the title screen from the SG-1000 version is “Marching Through Georgia“, also from that period.



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