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>Scuba diving under lake Baikal ,located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia world’s oldestand deepest lake at 30 million years old and with an average depth of 744.4 metres; it is the second most voluminous lake, after the Caspian Sea.


We have created an ambient entertainment-product on Blu-ray that bring the sea creatures of the Deep Ocean in 3D into your livingroom – thus, turning your flat-screen-TVs into a Deep Ocean Experience. As an added feature, you can also view the creatures in stereographic 3D (Like Avatar). We allow you to journey down to the black void of the Deep Oceans where an Alien World of mysterious and astonishing creatures rule the seas. As of today, only 2-3 percent of the World Oceans have been thouroghly explored and little footage exist from newly discovered creatures.
In our opinion, this title marks the start of a new ambient experience that stretch the industry standards both in terms of an artistic and a technical approach. But, we also hope that this production will increase the awareness of the fantastic fauna that lures in our seas. As a result, One percent of our sales will go directly to the world-leading researchers at Ocean Labs at Edinburgh University and will be ear-marked for future Deep Ocean Research.
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A dive at the wreck Thistlegorm in Egypt.

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