>Seaside Special , a tribute to Gibbo aka Tony Gibson, recently passed away…

>The first environmental protest game from 1985. Collect the radioactive seaweed and blast the evil Polytikians out of Downing Street.




SEASIDE SPECIAL                       
(c)1984 Taskset Ltd                    
Graphics by Mark Harrison                           
Concept by A J Gibson        
[Note: This game is meant as a political statement for the early
days of Margaret Thatcher's England, and the fear of nuclear 
power plants, which was a hot matter at the time.]

From the on-screen intructions:

Use joystick in port 2, never use auto fire.  
In your beach attire (looking like a sailor) race around the 
Rotaway Beach, which is near a nuclear power plant, pick up 
radioactive seaweed while avoiding the tidal sea water, 
the nuclear plant and all marine life mutants and guards. 
Then take a dozen of seaweed to London and wait at Downing Street 
until an alien Polytikian appears at a window. Now is your 
chance: Hurl your clumps of seaweed at the alien Polytikians 
til they flee forever. It takes five hits to kill a Polytikian.  

Hints and Tips    
On the beach keep moving. Avoid to be in the line of sight of 
the guard in a city attire pacing there back and forth (left-
right) as he can kill you with his umbrella! You can hurl seaweed
at the guard in a up-down direction and kill him for points, but 
this is not the real aim of the game. Jellyfishes kill but crabs 
just nip (these appear only in your second trip to the beach). 
Use the rocks as a barrier between you and the jellyfish. The 
longer you hold seaweed the higher your dosimeter reads, so you 
don't want to keep them too long, get your 12 seaweeds and leave!

Once you have the 12 seaweeds exit Rotaway Beach at bottom right 
and go to Downing Street. Use the joystick to position yourself 
under the window. Release the fire button to throw. Once empty 
you are back at the beach to collect another dozen of seaweeds.
One Last Comment (found in the code!)
"Gibbo says: There are only two reasons for voting Thatcher -
greed and crass stupidity. "  



>Tony Gibson (Gibbo) on left and Mark Harrison on right

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