>As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Coincidentally he was in the World Trade Center on 9/11 on the 47th floor addressing shareholders.
Serco run navy patrol boats for the ADF, as well as search and salvage operations through their partnership with P&O which form Maritime Defense Services.

Serco runs two Australian Jails already, Acacia in WA and Borallon in Queensland
They’re one of the biggest companies In the UK for running electronic tagging of offenders under house arrest or parole.
Serco are in one of the two favored bid consortiums for the new Sydney metro rail line.
Here are some amazing corporate videos from Serco, we fully recommend both if you’re a fan of Verhoeven-esque corporate propaganda. You can watch the video here:

Original Story Here:

Guardian Story (referenced in video):


Atomic Weapons Establishment

Since 2000 Serco has been entrusted with the management of the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment in a 25 year joint venture with Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering.
AWE provides the warheads for the UK’s nuclear deterrent. Uniquely among the nuclear powers, AWE covers the whole life cycle of nuclear warheads in a single establishment – design, manufacture and assembly, in-service support and decommissioning and disposal. AWE operates with an advanced science-based program, including hydrodynamics, environmental testing, nuclear physics and high performance computing.
The facility is managed to very high standards. The AWE environmental improvement program has been recognized with several awards, and AWE was the first nuclear site to develop a ten year environment plan subject to public consultation. In addition, the company has received several awards including the ROSPA Sir George Earle Trophy, recognizing its leading performance in industrial health and safety.

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