>A game by Alessandro Grussu , perhaps it comes from some ancient japanese anime but…

We don’t know for sure , anyhow it’s up for a funny play and to you !

– Three levels of 12 screens each, plus a boss screen for each one of them and a bonus screen
– 9 enemies, 3 bosses and 1 bonus character
– A different background music for each level
– SetoLOAD, a new turbo loading scheme, specially devised for the game
– Game and manual in five different languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
– Secrets and surprises for you to discover
– More file formats than you can shake a (chop)stick at

Gioco e manuale in ITALIANO:
Game and manual in ENGLISH:
Spiel und Handbuch auf DEUTSCH:
Juego y manual en ESPAÑOL:
Jogo e manual em PORTUGUÊS:

-SETO.ZIP (1,89 MB)


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