>It’s a four player death match for c64 written by Christian Gleinser

This great action game supports the “Classical Games 4-Player Interface”, which you can buy online for little money, or you can even build one by yourself. More information about this device can be found here.


This game is freeware – copy it to all your friends and play it at every C64 gaming party!

However, if you enjoy playing it, you are very welcome to donate or buy him a beer if you meet him somewhere in real-life ;)

–= Download the game =–

Note: This is a game for the Commodore C64 home computer. If you have no C64 or if you have no possibility to transfer .PRG or .D64 files to a real C64, you can use an Emulator like VICE to play it on your PC/Mac or similar (VICE actually supports 4 joysticks, btw). If you would like to have a real 5.25″ diskette with the game on it to play it on your real C64, please contact .


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