Sky Travel is a planetarium for the Commodore 64. This is a great astronomical tool for Commodore users. The user can use the keyboard or joystick.


Sky Travel: A Window to Our Galaxy 1983 COMMODORE

Developer : Microillusions

Some Lemon64 Comment :

mcd – 2015-07-03
Absolutely mind blowing when it first came out. Had the added bonus of drawing you in, even if you had no interest in astronomy at all. Rare in that it had both entertainment and educational value. Can you think of another piece of software on a 64KB system that lets you look at the night sky 1,000 years into the future of the past??? True time machine for the C64.
INCREDIBLE – 2004-08-21
Sort of like Visible Solar System on steroids–this thing was totally amazing back in the day. I remember trying to plot Halley’s comet’s course on this thing. Or trying to see what the stars looke like 2,000 years ago. IT took FOREVER to redraw and stuff–but it was worth the wait. Definitely a great piece of geek edutainment.
Rik – 2002-06-16
This was a neat game when I was in high school, it does a really good job of tracking and showing the locations of planets and stars in the sky based on your location. I also thought it was a little funny that the screen shot shows that is was cracked by me!

Our comment :

Nowadays we can download freely many planetariums like Starry’s Night , Celestia , Red Orb, etc. but back then at 80’s a program like this made us able to dream of riding through galaxies and jump across multiple planets .

Rik version :

The Universe, by the magic of Sky Travel – A Window to Our Galaxy

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Credits :

Crack  …. RIK
Original Supply  …. RIK

Download : Travel .d64 (downloads: 401)

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