Solomon’s Key Remake

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Solomon’s Key (ソロモンの鍵 Soromon no Kagi?) is a puzzle game developed by Tecmo in 1986 for arcade release on custom hardware based on the Z80 chipset. It is better known as a 1987 port to the Commodore 64 and the Nintendo Entertainment System, although it also appeared on many other game systems of the time, like the Sega Master System in 1988 and the Famicom Disk System, released in Japan on January 25, 1991.

The game is generally recognized as one of the most difficult games to appear on the NES. The player, controlling a sorcerer known only as Dana must overcome unlimited enemy spawning, challenging level designs, a countdown timer, instant death from any physical contact with enemies, and limited ways to dispatch enemies. In addition, it is easy for players to unintentionally render levels unwinnable while playing them. There is no saving, so if all lives are lost at level 49, the game has to be restarted from the beginning. However, a cheat code allows the player able to continue at the level where the last life was lost, except when used past level 41, in which case the player will restart at level 41. Solomon’s Key has many hidden items and secret levels that are hard to find which enhances the reward for playing. The ending slightly changes depending on which secret levels, if any, the player finds and completes.


There are 64 levels in total with 15 being secrets. The main levels are divided into groups of 4 with one group for each Zodiac constellation (in order, Aries, Taurus. Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). The final level is called Solomon’s room. Each constellation has a secret bonus room which can only be accessed by finding a seal for the constellation in the last room of the group. The other three levels are Page of Time, Page of Space and the Princess Room, which occur only if the player has acquired the hidden Seals of Solomon.

>Solomon’s Key Remake

In this well done game you have to help the Wizard get the key to open the exit to go onto the next level. You will have to use the blocks that you find to step on or generate new ones by using your wand while avoiding the monsters and getting over the obstacles. There are 47 levels for you to complete and many are challenging.

Save the passwords for the levels you want to restart by pressing F4.


Arrow keys for movement
Z : create crate or destroy create
X : Fire weapon
F4 : Show password for level

No install needed





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