Soviet CoinOp Museum


Soviet CoinOp Museum

Soviet Arcade Games

There are moments when you want to come back in the childhood for a short while, because there were so many interesting things that remember cordially till now.

From our Soviet childhood they are Souzmultfilm’s cartoons, Olympic Bear, planetarium, Sportloto lottery, football at the yard. They are pioneer camps at the Black Sea, horn sounds, walking-tours and songs near the campfire. They are walks with parents and friends at the Parks of Culture with ice-cream, fizzy drink and candy floss, and more — Arcade Games.

Arcade Games were a part of childhood and youth of soviet people. They were made at the secret military factories from the seventies up to the Perestroika. Forgotten and broken down Soviet-era arcade games are being restored for Moscow’s newest museum and now it is possible to play and feel atmosphere of the passed epoch.

Around 20 of the 37 different kinds of machines are now in working order. They operate with old Soviet 15 kopek coins, the hammer-and-sickle emblem of which itself conjures up a bygone time. Visitors can try their luck with games like «Sea Battle», where the player looks through a periscope and pretends to be a submarine commander, attempting to torpedo passing ships. In «Tankodrom» the player tries to knock out rocket launchers and jeeps with a small plastic tank. The museum also features Soviet pinball tables, ice-hockey games for two and four players, a target shooting game called «Sniper» and early video games with titles like «Gorodki» and «Skachki» («Horse race»).

Welcome to play, discover and enjoy!


Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, 7 Parkovaya street, 9/26, Moscow, Russia, Moscow State Technical University

The excurcions are on Wednesday, from 19:30, Sunday and Saturday — from 13:00, by prior convention.

To visit our Museum or to ask a question, mail us:  [email protected]. If you’re reporters please contact our PR-manager: [email protected] or call +7 926 539-03-66.

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