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Spindizzy is an isometric computer game released for several 8-bit home computer formats in 1986 by Electric Dreams Software. It features action and puzzle game elements. Players must navigate a series of screens to explore a landscape suspended in a dimensional space. Development was headed by Paul Shirley, who drew inspiration from Ultimate Play The Game games that feature an isometric projection.

The game was successful in the United Kingdom and was well received by the video game press. Reviewers praised its visuals and design, but criticized its audio. Similarities were drawn to Marble Madness, which was released in arcades two years earlier. Spindizzy was followed by a 1990s sequel titled Spindizzy Worlds.

Similar to Gyroscope .



Spindizzy Dimensions is a Spindizzy Remake in an OpenGL multi-platform remake of the 8-bit classic, Spindizzy by Paul Shirley with additional maps and a map editor tool, allowing you to construct your own maps.

Spindizzy Dimensions Web Site


  • Modern OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics

  • Faithful to the original 8-bit versions

  • Editor to create your own maps

  • Framework for extending the game

  • 3stars

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