<Sputnik World is a coder group development for C64 Video games, and it’s worth to play their games, it’s one of the few times that we nostalgic feel again like kids discovering new toys after a long time.

The above title , Luna 3, is a sort of original Nemesis – Gradius Shoot’em’up horizontal scrolling game , superb graphic and playability!

Amongst the best titles of them we find Kabura, sort of double dragon clone.

El Castillo del Dragon, a total fun of adventure

And as a diamond in the roof the real remake of the famous coin op Xain ‘d’ Sleena!!!

|Their Full List of C64 Video Games|

Sputnik Files Protection cracked:

Well I’ve to tell that converting the sputnik .tap files in .wav files , with WAV-PRG, and then exporting form PC to Stereo in 8bit mono their loading screen preloading interferes with the loading-converted blocks of the wav.

Only way i found to bypass this sort of protection is:

-Load the .tap file using WinVice with attached Cartridge .crt file, I used Action Replay MK6, then cartridge freeze on title screen, backup, save file, it will save a .P00 file which you can convert using WAV-PRG, at the end you will export this audio file to cassette without problems, it will load perfectly in the datassette then you can refreeze and save to disk using the 1541 Floppy Disk Drive.

Nicely done!

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