Going on old classic games we played on C64 , meet or remember Star Soldier, also known as Planet Raid, a 1987 game by Bug Byte.


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95 missions on 95 planets: if you’re a fan of this kind of games and you like Ikari Warriors, Rambo, Commando… you should try this one. The story: You are a specialized human warmachine who has to fight his way through the galaxy in order to defeat terrorists that have conquered the planets. For every successful mission you will get a cash-reward, that allows you to buy some nice toys for your next task. You don´t need to know more…

After starting the game, you can see the universe in the upper part of the screen. There are some big colored balls, where you have to fulfill your missions, and some little dots, only far, far away stars. On the right side below, you can find several fields, where you can select some things. Important is the weapon-choice field (try the arrows below), the Credit and Award display ( give you some information about your cash-money) and at the bottom, the Load, Save and Comp button. On the left part of the downer screen, you will see your munition-belt and over it, a field where you can select some weapons like smart bombs, grenades, akkus dynamite and some other stuff. If you have enough cash, you can buy these thing, that are very useful in your upcoming missions. Very helpful is the white arrow in the black field… try it. After your shopping tour you can press the Comp-button on the right side. A computer terminal opens on the left side with some more fields to click on. If you choose move, you can travel through the galaxy, by pushing the joy in different directions. Also, the coordinates are shown. If you click Exam, you can examine the sector you see at the upper screen with a scanner-field, bringing you some facts about the nearest stars. The button Jobs shows you short summary of all missions, including the aim, the coordinates, and the cash you will get if you survive. If you press Go you select this mission and you will find yourself transformed on the surface of the planet where you will find different environments like deserts and metal, industrial landscapes. To complete a mission, you have to make your way through the enemy area in left direction. A lot of soldiers coming from every direction will try to shoot or touch you. also there are some self- shooting automates that can decrease your shield very fast. The long way is handicapped by some natural barriers. After killing an enemy soldier, you can find some little power-ups on the floor that resurrect your shield or gives you more weapon power. After you have reached the end of every level, you will get your reward and you can select your next mission. To complete every mission, it will takes some hours, that’s the reason why the programmers included the Save/Load – buttons.

The game isn´t easy, so you have to practise until you will complete your first mission. Otherwise: Poke 51795,173 (Thanx Jack Alien!)

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