State of Mind

<Daedalic’s upcoming game features transhumanism, dystopias and the voice of Geralt of Riviera.

Reality is unravelling in Daedalic Entertainment’s State of Mind. The story-driven game is set in a futuristic vision of Berlin; a city torn between a grim reality and utopian promises of digital technology. It’s a world with all the sci-fi trappings of Blade Runner, from rain-sodden cityscapes to humanoid robots, but its creators want to go deeper than surface-level cyberpunk. According to the studio behind the game, State of Mind “explores the existential drama that develops in a society on the brink of post-material existence”. Not exactly Tomb Raider, then.

In the game, players take on the role of Richard Nolan, a journalist who wakes up in hospital to find that his wife and child have disappeared, kickstarting an investigation that will take Nolan between “real” Berlin and a virtual world. Of course, all of these transhumanistic ponderings play out in the game’s own virtual world, an aspect that hasn’t been lost on its creators.

State of Mind is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch later this year.

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