State of the Art by Spaceballs

State of the Art (Spaceballs)



State of the Art by Spaceballs

Demo: State of the Art [H.264] [DivX]
Group: Spaceballs
Released:December, 1992

Spaceballs released “State of the Art” at ‘The Party’ in 1992, and from what I can gather it received quite a heavy demand, thereafter. There wasn’t much code to it, but it seems that they managed to mess up some of the “trackloader” code. This makes the demo finish just a second before it should do.

Other than that it was an excellent standard setting demo, and was apparently one of the first demos to be featured on the music channel MTV (source Amiga Demo Archive). This demo has some nice blitter chip copper goodness, that still slows down UAE quite a bit when having to deal with it.
Again, another one made to run on the original MC68000 7.14MHz Amiga 500.

Download  :

State of the Art [H.264] [DivX]

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