Steel Strider


>Middle of the 21st century, galactic civilization was able to escape the turmoil at last.On the other hand, large-scale crime increases, various disputes was followed.The armed underground groups have enough power to rival the army, so you can not compete in terms of equipment with the the police, so rebels had a dilemma that can not be addressed in terms of flexibility.

Under such circumstances, a secret organization that has been protecting the universe without being seen comes up the : Argo Transportation“,
And reception of distress, emergency such as the occurrence of violent crime occurs, rushed to the scene from amother ship, which was disguised as a transport ship, Argo transportation had hit the resolution of the case .

Steel Striderdrove a small MCR Gemini”, crisscrossed the planet variety, it is the story of the pilot of one person.


Mecha :

MCR small overall height of 5.7m.
It is possible to use both hand gun, missile launcher, rail gun, such as a large number of firearms.Movement are highly, excellent piloted if on riding, also possible to avoid enemy bullets crouching.

Large mother ship Argo transportation.
Appearance‘s old transport ship, but the performance is not comparable to state-of-the-art landing ship of the Space Forces.
It surpasses much high-speed cruiser, warp ability to express in a short period of time until the air region far away.
It can be provided with a stealth power transmission device, the power transmission without being detected by the enemy and its supplies.

Super-sized trailer.
Not armed, but the armor is comparable to heavy MCR.
It is a multifunctional vehicle to become the torso unit of small transport ship.
It has installed a computer support strategy Nabikomu”.





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