<The game features four episodes, each using a unique setup to deliver an unsettling short story.

Within the fiction of the game they’re the remains of cancelled TV series, also called Stories Untold, and so each is presented with opening and end credits.  That 80s texture is replicated with props and gameplay decisions rather than directorial and visual style.

The House Abandon, Stories Untold’s opening episode, takes place entirely in front of a Futuro 128k home computer. It’s a fictional machine, but the rainbow logo design on the right-hand edge of the keyboard will make you all nostalgic for the Spectrum ZX. The TV it’s hooked up to is encased in cheap dark wood veneer, and the screen is beautifully low-res. It’s immediately obvious that developers No Code previously worked on Alien: Isolation’s retro user interface. The House Abandon is a classic ‘80s-style text adventure, both in the episode’s gameplay design and within the lore of Stories Untold, and when typing in commands you can hear the heavy thuds and clicks of the Futuro’s keyboard. It creates a deeply authentic atmosphere, despite the scene been almost entirely static.

It’s all incredibly tactile and satisfyingly analogue. Both chapters pay homage to point-and-click games, another ‘80s staple, and become progressively more advanced than The House Abandon’s text-only interface.


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