<A new video game for ZX Spectrum and MSX, sort of Rastan remake for 8bit machines with a proper launch site and novel graphic.

The game is a work by www.retroworks.es , credits to:

  • Idea and code: Fco. Javier Peña (utopian)
  • Graphics, level design and artwork: Fco. Javier Velasco (pagantipaco)
  • Music and FX: Alberto J. González (McAlby)
  • Loading screen: Marco Antonio del Campo (MAC)
  • Betatesting: Javier Ortiz (tbrazil), Iván Sánchez (IvanZX), Jaime Tejedor (Metalbrain), and the rest of the Retroworks team.
  • DANDANATOR MINI cartridge and technical assistance: Daniel Leon (Dandare)
  • MSX2 technical assistance: Manuel Pazos (Guillian)
  • MSX2 additional testing: Manuel Pazos (Guillian), Fco. Javier Loscos (Metr), Pablibiris
  • English text proofreading: Felix Clowder

Retroworks is a group of friends, who create games for vintage systems and distribute them freely to anyone who wants to give them a try and have some fun. Visit their web page to discover full catalog.


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