Dark Castle , series of  three games published by Silicon Beach Software, later ported to various platforms, where got published by Three-Sixty Pacific.

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>Genpei Tōma Den (源平討魔伝 Genpei Tōma Den?, “The Genji and Heike Tale of the Demon’s Demise”) is a side-scrolling beat ’em up produced by Namco that was released as a coin-operated video game in 1986 in Japan.

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Kane is a multi-section action game published by Mastertronic, originally for the Commodore 64 in 1986. The game was then ported to a wide variety of other home computers. The game is set in the Wild West, and its name is a reference to the main character of the film High Noon. The game consists of four distinct scenes, although some versions only contain two. A sequel to the game was released in 1988.
The player takes the role of Sheriff of the town of Kane. The game is split into four levels, two of which are shooting games using an on-screen target and two of which are side-scrolling action sequences on horseback. Only the shooting levels are present in all versions of the game. These may be played separately in the practice mode (with only one try given), but in order to complete and win the game, they must be played successively. The progress in the first scene defines the tries given in the next scenes.

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>Zombi is an icon-driven arcade adventure video game. It was Ubisoft‘s first publication, released when the company was established in 1986.

A first-person arcade adventure, it draws inspiration from the George A. Romero film Dawn of the Dead; the player controlling four protagonists exploring a zombie-filled shopping mall. It draws from many parts of the film, including the gunshops, the escalators, and the articulated trucks used to block the entrances. If a character’s health is depleted, he turns into a zombie, which then roams the room they died in. Zombies can be killed either by numerous body shots, or a single shot to the head. Characters were named after the creators of the game.

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Dan Dare Remake


Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future is a 1986 computer game by Virgin Interactive for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 home computer systems. It is based on the classic British comic strip Dan Dare. The game is noticeably different on each platform.

The Mekon reveals his typically dastardly plan: Earth must submit to his terms or he will propel a hollowed-out asteroid the size of a small planet into Earth. Dan and his sidekick Digby fly to the asteroid in Dan’s spaceship, the Anastasia. Arriving at the asteroid they find small buildings and structures and realise it must be inhabited. Digby remains on the ship whilst Dan is lowered down to the asteroid’s surface. Once again, Earth is relying on him to defeat the Mekon.

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