State of Mind

<Daedalic’s upcoming game features transhumanism, dystopias and the voice of Geralt of Riviera.

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Virus LQP-79

<Virus LQP-79 brings a horde of zombies in your MSX

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Hibernated: This place is Death

<Hibernated is a text adventure released by Pond Software, written by Stefan Vogt,

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The Black Onyx (ザ・ブラックオニキス Za Burakku Onikisu) is a NEC PC-8801 Videogame released in 1984 as japanese role-playing by Bullet-Proof Software, one of the first successful Japanese-language RPGs that helped familiarize the Japanese public with RPGs.

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<This was like MiA, missing in action, Wonderboy for Commodore Amiga, but now someone is trying to repair this a wrong past…

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<Murdlok, a text adventure for Commodore64 never released in 80s has been fully recovered by Michael Steil and

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