Net Stealth Fighter Engine

Net Stealth Fighter Engine

>An ipfiltering program is designed to let you control who your computer “talks to” on the Internet. By selecting appropriate blocklists of “known bad” peers,
you can block communication with advertising, spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your net activities, computers which have been “hijacked”, even entire countries!

False Positives Optimization

Careful analysis

Updated frequently

Dangerous AntiP2P – .GOV and .MIL lists included

Sensible protection by checking for range changes

#Specifics :
Governments (Also Hidden Gov.Agencies)
AntiP2P (Organizations, Technologies, Related)
Entertainment Industries
AntiP2P Law and Consulting Firms
P2P Spammers and Flooders
Attackers ; Ddos Serials Attackers
Malware Hosts
Malicious Hosts
Botnet Command & Control Servers
Unfair Companies (Business , Information, Multimedia)
Unfair Hosting Services
Spy ,Intrusion, Tracker Networks
Publishing and Marketing Companies
Data Research Institutes and Centers
Spam Harvest
Business Agencies
Unknown Ranges
and more …

>ipfilterX Webpage with Instructions, Snaps and Tips.

>Alternatives to PeerBlock for Mac OSX and Linux users

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