bruce lee II

Bruce Lee II

NeW !!! : Bruce Lee II for C64[UPDATE]

Bruno R. Marcos (Maximus Action Carnage, Cavenaut) has released the sequel to 1984’s 8-bit hit, Bruce Lee, maintaining the old C64 style on display. He got also much inspiration by the unfinished Bruce Li’s movie Tower of Death (below major info about it) :

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Arcade Game Studio

>ARCADE GAME STUDIO is a program tool for making games with the style and gameplay of the 80’s arcade games.


Includes genres such as Run’n’Gun, vertical and horizontal Shooters or Platform games, so you will be able to make similar games to Pac-Man, Commando, 1942, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins or Gauntlet, all with your own sprite sheets, pixel art, sound effects and music without typing a line of code at all.

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Star Wars Remakes

Star Wars Remake
Star Wars Remakes

Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin

3D Shooter Game. Play as Luke Skywalker in the epic battle of Yavin, assault and detroy the empire’s Death Star. Fight in space, on the Death Star’s surface, make the trench run, and try not to get blasted by Darth Vader’s ship.

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