Commodore A500 Repair :

>A short video covering how I repaired a Commodore Amiga 500.

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Paula and Denise are cooled



>AMEDIA Computer France made available capacitors kit for A500 and further models.

You can find the A500 and A500+ Kits here . Good stuff !

Standard quality Capacitors batch for Amiga 500+ rev 8A.
N.B. : take good care of the desired capacitors kit according to your motherboard revision !
Amedia Computer can not be responsible for a mistake in the choosen kit !

>Since capacitors in original Amiga are now 20 and more years old they need to be replaced or in a worst scenario they may destroy your hardware (See Expansion Ram Capacitor leaked->HERE)
And despite this bitter truth , I ever thought that in old computers and in the specific in my commodore ones the chips had to be cooled , also capacitors benefit from cooling the whole case ,
further to remind that capacitors may also get destroyed by longer periods of inactivity .
However I found confirmations of my idea in some website like these :

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