Amiga’s Dungeon Master Clever Floppy Disk Anti-Piracy MVG

A blast from Copyright technology from the past!

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L0pht Heavy Industries


L0pht Heavy Industries testifying before the United States Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, Live feed from CSPAN, May 19, 1998. Starring Brian Oblivion, Kingpin, Tan, Space Rogue, Weld Pond, Mudge, and Stefan von Neumann.

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Assembloids by Onslaught


>Assembloids by Onslaught :
>It’s a brilliant videogame , great to play it nowadays , on a C64 ,
classic feeling that makes immortal this kind of machine ,
and a special thought goes to very fine demoscene cracking groups like Onslaught
(History and Links below) , able to not only share releases with the C64 Worldwide Community since 90’s but to code up also original software just like Assembloids .

To play the game you will need or a real C64 or an emulator. For emulator users, we recommend VICE, as it works on a variety of systems and is very user friendly.
Joystick in port 1 or 2 to skip through these screens and start the game.
The title music will stop and a countdown will mark the beginning of the game.

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