C64 Immortals Hits Vol.I-VII


C64 Immortals Hits Vol.I-VII :

-C64 Immortal Hits Volume I

1] 2Klang – Platoon (Stratovarious Mix)
2] Aki Kivela – (Fire Dance Robot) Sanxion
3] AMP – Orion Intro (Post Traumatic Mix)
4] AMP – Poseidon Planet Eleven
5] Andrea Baroni – Aztec Challenge (Run of Despair)

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bruce lee II

Bruce Lee II

NeW !!! : Bruce Lee II for C64[UPDATE]

Bruno R. Marcos (Maximus Action Carnage, Cavenaut) has released the sequel to 1984’s 8-bit hit, Bruce Lee, maintaining the old C64 style on display. He got also much inspiration by the unfinished Bruce Li’s movie Tower of Death (below major info about it) :

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